Ginger (Tangawizi)




Ginger is a plant with leafy stems and yellowish green flowers. The ginger spice comes from the roots of the plant.

Today, people still consider ginger a natural way to soothe an upset stomach, and there’s research to back up its health benefits. Ginger is also used in tons of modern recipes.

While many ginger-infused foods are trending, the use of ginger for all around health benefits is nothing new. Ginger root has been used as a “cure” in many cultures for thousands of years in its natural form.

Most people are aware of ginger’s most popular medicinal use —treating a stomach in distress.

Gingerol, the main product found in ginger, also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Ginger can be a great addition to many recipes including sauces, soups, salads and other veggie dishes.

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